Warming root vegetables for a hearty winter soup, 3-4 servings Chop the following fresh vegetables into medium sized chunks: Onion, ½ cup (½ large onion) Mushrooms, ½ cup (e.g. oyster, crimini, portobella, shiitake) Carrot, ½ cup (2 carrots, scrubbed or peeled) Celery, ½ cup (2 ribs, use greenery) Parsnip, ¼ cup (1 parsnip, peeled) Turnip… Continue reading VEGETABLE SOUP WITH BEANS



Really good, homemade, fresh chai 4 servings You will need a 2 qt. stainless steel pan, a mortar and pestle (M&P), a measuring cup and a tea strainer Bring to a hard boil: Water, 5 ½ cups 2 Tab. cracked cinnamon sticks (or 3-4 whole sticks, broken apart) 18-20 whole peppercorns (½ tsp.) Meanwhile, grind… Continue reading CHAI

Awaken the Senses Outdoors

“Look out at the sky and the long view. Observe the horizon, buildings and trees. Notice if anything is moving. Watch the clouds. See the various textures and shapes of plants. Study tree leaves against the blue sky.”