Winter Stillness

…there is no way to speed this process but to slow it down.


Awaken the Senses Outdoors

“Look out at the sky and the long view. Observe the horizon, buildings and trees. Notice if anything is moving. Watch the clouds. See the various textures and shapes of plants. Study tree leaves against the blue sky.”

Nature’s Hold

Humans and animals are instinctively motivated by four natural urges that bind us to this world. They are self-preservation, sleep, sex, and food. Yoga psychology teaches that fears, emotions, desires, and poor habits are derived from imbalances in these four urges. Virtually all adverse behaviors can be traced to them. This is Nature’s hold on… Continue reading Nature’s Hold

Spring: Emergence of Divine Energy

“Like the awakening of the Earth in springtime, the yogi’s objective is to awaken Kundalini Shakti from its dormancy and move it up through the spinal column to the crown of the head.”

Meditate for Peace Every Day

When we have inner peace, automatically it expresses itself & spreads throughout the world
~Sri Chinmoy